More News of Betrayal at House on the Hill

"Jinkies, gang. That's a spooky old house. Let's check it out!"

Boardgame News posted an announcement with more details for the new edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill — and that’s a link to the refreshed web page at Wizards of the Coast — including box art, pictured to the right, and a release date: October 5th, 2010. Not only does that provide ample time for Halloween themed board gaming, but it’s also a month ahead of Carnage. That should make Alex happy, as he planned to run it there, one way or the other.

Other highlights of the new edition include new haunts, modified original haunts, new items and redesigned tokens. Hopefully “redesigned” means that not only will it be easier to pick out the rats from the tentacles, say, but the two sides will stick together.

I’m going to snap this one up more or less game unplayed. I know I like the mechanics and theme. I’m indifferent to the first edition bits — we usually just grab whatever’s convenient, rather than the specifically named token; Rocketship the Dog is a popular feature in our play sessions — aside from the way all the tokens fell apart, so if they’re improved, my opinion can only go up.

It’s gonna be a long wait until October. I’m torn over whether to get in some more plays of the original version of Betrayal at House on the Hill, or fast completely, to really savor the experience of the new edition.

4 thoughts on “More News of Betrayal at House on the Hill

  1. You know you can’t resist, were I to trot out my soon-to-be defunct version.

    If you end up purchasing the new one, I may put upon you to borrow it for carnage so I don’t have to substitute “rat”, “toad” or “spirit 1” for “Freddy Krueger”.

    • There’s no “if.” I will be buying this on day one. I’ve been saving a Quarterstaff gift certificate since Christmas for this purchase.

      And yes, of course you can borrow it, so long as you let us playtest whatever scenarios you devise for Carnage.

  2. You say you’re already familiar with the mechanics. Is this a new edition of an old game you’re already familiar with, a new game that uses the same mechanics as a different game, or something else? I just hadn’t heard of this one.

    • This is the second edition of a game previously published that I’ve played before. It was never a huge success — it was on clearance for a long time in Wizards of the Coast’s retail stores before becoming highly sought after — but it developed a cult following that I cheerfully joined.

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