Free RPG Day 2010

Free role-playing games keep cropping up lately. Friday morning, I listened to All Games Considered‘s rundown of Free RPG Day’s 2010 offerings, then found an interview by Chris Heim with Aldo Ghiozzi. It sounds like this year is going to have a mix of older material like the Exalted 2nd Edition quickstart and Hollow Earth Expeditions, and brand new stuff, namely the Dark Sun adventure for Dungeons & Dragons for which so many people have expressed their great desire. I would have liked to check out the Age of Cthulhu adventure myself, Abominations of the Amazon.

Unfortunately, the local store, Quarterstaff Games, has opted not to participate in Free RPG Day this year. It’s disappointing to me as a consumer who likes to get interesting free stuff, but I can understand the logic. They reportedly still have an excess of material left over from last year. Only eight people, including GMs, actually spent time in the store and played through a game, as I related last year. I couldn’t say how many passed through the store just to pick up freebies and leave. So I guess I can understand why they wouldn’t find it worth the expense to order another box of materials.

Just after reading the interview with Aldo Ghiozzi, I came across this post by Youseph Tanha at Stargazer’s World reminding everyone of the directory of freely available role-playing games compiled by John Kim. It seems, however, many of the links contained there died over the years, so The Free RPG Blog began to compile a Delicious directory of free games, as well.

So even if there isn’t a retailer in your area supporting Free RPG Day, you can still get your frugal game on. And if you’re in travel range of the Burlington, Vermont, area, come on by to the Green Mountain Gamers’ Summer Game ‘n Grill. It’s free, too, though donations are always appreciated.

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