[Tuesday Night Board Games] Rough Dominion Lessons

Despite the raucous performances in the street below Quarterstaff this Tuesday as part of Burlington’s annual Discover Jazz festival, it was full steam ahead for board games. There was a long game of Le Havre that occupied four players for much of the night. I started out on Red November and switched over to Dominion when my able sea-gnome roasted alive while unconscious.

I wasn’t particularly happy with any of my three Dominion games. I can’t point to specifics, unfortunately, because I have a crap memory for that, but I got hit hard by not having a definite plan in the third game, when we used the Interaction setup suggested by the rulebook. With all the attack cards in play, Spy was the one that saw the most use. My spirit broke a little every time one of my Villages was burned off by the Spy — particularly in the aftermath of the times I realized I’d had a Moat in hand.

In retrospect, I should have been buying up Festivals whenever possible, instead of fiddling around with . . . whatever I was fiddling around with. I think I was trying to deny Munk Villages just because he always buys them out. This time, he and Andrew bought out the Festivals.

Every game I play teaches me something, right? Right?

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