Is EERIE Radio Going to Gen Con?

In episode 156 of my favorite paranormal podcast, EERIE Radio, the hosts mention the possibility of manning a table at Gen Con of all places. It makes sense. They’re based around Indianapolis and various members of the crew have made passing reference to role-playing games over the years. What’s more, so many people attend Gen Con that a good percentage of them are bound to share interest in paranormal topics.

Host and resident scientist Robfather mentioned one nose-curdling story from a trip he made to Gen Con Milwaukee some time back, in which card gamers were stationed in a skyway between hotels with no ventilation to speak of and hot dog vendors with bratwurst and sauerkraut stationed at either end. I think the implications of such an arrangement is obvious.

This isn’t the only instance paranormal interest and role-playing have crossed over, of course. Brad Younie has an Unexplained scenario in which the investigation team tracks down paranormal phenomena amidst the chaos of a gaming convention. Lake Morey Resort, with its numerous additions, slanting floors and wandering corridors, is a terrific venue in which to stage an investigation. Playing the adventure right there at Carnage gives the participants a powerful sense of the location they’re exploring — and how unnerving it might be to have to distinguish the eerie signs of paranormal activity from typical gaming lunacy of boffer swords and bellowed challenges.

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