The State of the Play Everything Quest

I’m not going to say the quest balances on the edge of a knife, because that would be exaggerating, but I will say it’s not only ground to a halt lately, but suffered a pair of setbacks.

First, the setbacks: I recently acquired 1960: The Making of the President and Space Alert. Generally, this is a good thing, because exploring new games is fun and while playing Dominion for the eighty bajillionth time is cost-effective, it can become mildly tedious — though less so when you get some truly funky selections of Kingdom cards, as happened last week. 1960 I procured game unplayed, having heard it was good via a friend and wanting a solid two player game. A month and a half after acquiring it, I’ve only made a few forays into reading the rules. I haven’t even made it to the televised debates turn yet — which, I should mention, I find wonderful that the game so closely emulates the presidential race as to include a turn dedicated to the debates.

Space Alert has a slight edge over 1960 in that I’ve played it before at Border Board Games, so I feel closer to being able to teach the game at Tuesday night board games. And I know I like this game, having played it, whereas 1960 has the probably unfair distinction in my view of having resource cubes. It’s unfair because I know Space Alert uses them too, but then I know Space Alert is fun in spite of that.

Now, the second part of the stall is having hit a plateau. My shelf still holds games I haven’t played, mostly Cheapass titles, with one or two from Steve Jackson. But the titles we’re down to now: Spree! and Illuminati: Crime Lords, for example, are ones I picked up mostly on impulse or out of a sense of “gotta catch ’em all.” In the end, it’s going to be like playing Save Doctor Lucky: making myself pull the thing off the shelf, bring it to game night and politely corral people into agreeing to play.


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