Looney Labs Announces Back to the Future Card Game

Well shut my mouth: Looney Labs announced on their Facebook page they secured the rights to publish a Back to the Future card game. The biggest fact they’ve let slip so far is “this new game utilizes our time travel patent, although it is quite different from Chrononauts in many ways…”

This really piques my interest. Back to the Future‘s always been a beloved movie of mine, in the way that Star Wars for a lot of people. My curiosity is piqued now to find out how much and in what direction Andy Looney tweaks the Chrononauts rules to suit the feel and storyline of the film — and whether it’s just the first film, or the whole trilogy. I’d be amazed to see a robust alternate timeline variant, going beyond the World War III patch to emulate the 1985-B history of Back to the Future II.

Looney Labs’ Back to the Future game is reportedly scheduled to go on sale this fall. Visitors from the future declined to comment on the projection’s accuracy.


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