Plot Seed-a-palooza

My friend Frank remarked that the entrants to the Oddest Book Title of the Year award are a gold mine of role-playing plot seeds. In the style of’s 700 Bands, I intend to prove Frank right . . . five titles at a time.

100 Girls on Cheap Paper

Aspiring artist Martin spends all his time drawing, drawing, drawing. The subjects are always girls, seemingly manufactured from wholecloth because they don’t resemble anyone in town or the media. As time passes, the drawings become more detailed, the features of the girls more distinct. And Martin becomes more wan and distant from the matters of every day life. Then the features of the girls begin to take on unsettling details.

A Tortilla is Like Life

Dr. Heckerly proposes that not only is the universe flat, but so is time. Like a tortilla, time and space can be “rolled,” not only causing previously distant points in the cosmic tortilla to come into contact, but binding up alien ingredients — wet and chunky in contrast to the dry, flat tortilla — around which the tortilla is wrapped. And we all know what happens when a burrito gets soggy.

Advances in Potato Chemistry and Technology

When well-meaning but economically illiterate scientists announce they have discovered how to wring megawatts of electricity from a single Idaho Russet, the major forces in the power generation industry scramble to bury the innovation in bad publicity, biased punditry and general skulduggery. The player characters might fight the Man, promoting cheap, renewable power, or join the Man in preventing the collapse of the world economy.

Afterthoughts of a Worm Hunter

“I should have brought my adamant glaive.” That’s the thought running through the head of the Elder Worm’s latest meal. Lost in the digestive tract of a crawler miles long, the hapless party not only have a brand new, alien landscape to explore, but the impending threat of the grinding gizzard to consider.

An Intellectual History of Cannibalism

The Thursday night discussion group is a long-standing tradition at Armitage College. One of the institution’s grand old scholars, Professor Rendell these days, hosts a light dinner and discussion afterward. Some of the brightest minds to attend Armitage make their presence known in his sitting room . . . and then they invariably drop out of their courses without so much as a note or farewell to roommates. Meanwhile, the professor pumps out published works at an ever-increasing pace on a widening range of topics. Rendell’s body of work brings prestige to the college, but someone in Student Retention has finally twigged to the fact their most promising freshmen are just up and leaving.

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