Geek Week 4.0 Kicks Off in Montpelier’s Langdon Street Cafe / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Langdon Street Cafe in the afternoon.

Tomorrow marks the launch of the Langdon Street Cafe‘s fourth annual Geek Week, eight days of workshops, musical acts and other activities to stimulate the mind and satisfy any craving for the silly, fantastic and downright obscure.

Of particular interest to gamers may be the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition workshops and the Geek Week Game Con, on Sunday, March 28th. Last year, I didn’t get to do any role-playing — as I recall, they went old school with an original red box or something similar looking, whereas Ben Matchstick’s gone current in 2010 with the fourth edition — but the Sunday game day / con was fun. The game-playing community’s grown in the last year and I think Geek Week’s exposure has increased, as well, so I think this will be an even better year. Personally, I can’t decide between devoting the entire day to an Arkham Horror session or participating in the usual game day butterfly dance.

Also, my colleague in nerdity TK-3220 and one or more of his trooping comrades from the New England garrison of the 501st Legion patrol the cafe premises, keeping the peace of Geek Week for Friday evening.

Langdon Street Cafe is located at 4 Langdon Street in Montpelier, Vermont. Geek Week 4.0 runs from Wednesday, March 24th to Wednesday, March 31st. The cafe’s online calendar includes a schedule of geeky events throughout the week, as does their Facebook page.

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