National Library Week 2010

Less than a month from now is National Library Week 2010, an effort by the American Library Association to celebrate the contributions all libraries and their librarians make. Neil Gaiman is the honorary chair this year, and his benevolent visage graces any number of graphics and posters you might find on the ALA’s website.

Tabletop gaming has become a growing part of library programming, particularly with National Gaming Day @ your library in November, which has gone on for the past couple years. A number of libraries in Vermont have on-going game programming, including Ilsley Library in Middlebury and Kellogg-Hubbard in Montpelier. If your own gaming community lacks a meeting place, or wants to reach out of the game shop to venues frequented by the general public, consider having a game day at your own library. Most librarians are eager to increase foot traffic through the door, particularly the younger set.

Conveniently enough, Burlington Board Gamers celebrates our local public library, the Fletcher Free, on April 17th by playing board games in their community room. Swing by and say hello.

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