Faces in the Crowd Vol. 1

Christian did me the kindness of sending a copy of his print zine Faces in the Crowd. It’s a collection of non-player characters he created for his new World of Darkness game, which has since metamorphosed into Changeling: The Lost, a transformation which pleases me greatly.

Aside from it being a clean, elegant little zine, it’s an interesting look into how someone else perceives a setting. The games I ran in the World of Darkness typically came out more like a World of Weirdness or World of Insufficient Illumination. Partly because I never felt particularly compelled by the version of “darkness” presented in the published material. Christian’s characters, however, are often genuinely dark, unpleasant in their motivations or in some way flawed.

Bright elements still shine through, though. The skateboarding werewolf particularly caught my attention. To be shunned by outcasts themselves is pretty low on the pole, but he bears up and follows the path he feels is right. That’s the kind of non-player character I can get behind — and yoink for my own purposes, after a sufficient amount of folding, spindling and mutilating. I can see Jon Richter as a Nomad Feral who broke from his family to escape stifling tradition, say.

And like Theron at My Dice are Older Than You, I find this a stimulating motivation to get something in a shareable form. Don’t know what, but I’d like to get something new out in the ether this year.

1 thought on “Faces in the Crowd Vol. 1

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I like when you stated that reading a fan supplement really gives you an insight into how others perceive a game line. Very true.

    I’m with you on that John Richter is a favorite NPC in the bunch. My players enjoy his company, but the more they get to know him, they really see how conflicted he is internally. At times, the strain wears on him and he gets really withdrawn and can lash out angrily.

    I also like when you said that you want to publish something and share it with others. I’s love to see whatever you publish.


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