Weekend Breakdown

Blimey, I had a busy weekend of gaming and gaming-related activity. In particular order — that is, chronologically sorted and neatly placed in nested lists — this weekend, I:

  • Carb and protein and fat and oil-loaded at Handy’s with the Lafayette, featuring country-fried steak in sausage gravy with eggs and hash browns, before going to:.
  • Playing board games at the Fletcher Free Library with a host of new faces, namely:
    • Two rounds of a mix of Dominion and Dominion: Seaside; the second being a draft sort of affair after a monstrous game in which the Thief drove everyone to scrape for points, for lack of money.
    • Chrononauts, which was delightful and unpredictable as always.
  • After that, I booked it down to Rutland, where delicious Russian food — apparently the solution to making cabbage taste good is cook it in as many different kinds of meat as possible — was had before launching into a Savage World of Solomon Kane one-shot set in where else but 17th century Russia.
  • Got home in Burlington around 1:45 in the AM, giving me a solid five and a bit hours of sleep before:
  • Heading off to the wilds of western upstate New Hampshire — i.e., just across the Connecticut River — to discuss convention doings.
  • Arrived back in Burlington around 5:00 PM for my first fondue experience, sampling The Kung Fu Mummy and thoroughly enjoying Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s lambasting of Future Wars, with its hand-puppet dinosaurs of variable dimensions.

I really intend to do a write-up of the Solomon Kane game, which was drop down hysterical for most of the time, thanks to the liberal application of vodka, beer and wine to the participants, but the whole weekend’s run together so much, I don’t know if I can do justice to any single element of it.


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