[Fletcher Free Library Gaming] Plague and Pestilence at the Library

This week’s Actual Play Friday report is brought to you by Brennan, a local Burlington gamer. In addition to spearheading the new program of board games at the Fletcher Free Library, he’s a general partner in crime when it comes to fostering widespread playing of tabletop games, as well as an avid miniature painter.

A world hangs in the epidemical balance. Photo by Brennan.

Tyler has allowed me to describe the activities of the most recent Game Day at the Fletcher Free Library here in Burlington, Vermont, on February 6th.

The day started off with me meeting Mike for the first time.  I then had the opportunity to introduce him to that highly colorful and semi-tetrisy (I made a word!) game of Blokus.  It’s a great game for two or four players with rules that take a literal minute to teach.  Essentially you are taking turns laying down various shapped tiles onto the board.  Each piece you lay down has to touch one of your own pieces, but only on a corner.  The object is to play all of your pieces before you run out suitable places on the game board.  In practice this involves trying to carve out sections of the board for yourself and to try to cunningly infiltrate your opponents turf.  It’s a game I highly recommend and that I really should get to the table more often.

Afterwards, Orson, Sasha, and Nonny showed up and I showed them how to play Alhambra.  As usual, it was a very fun game, though I did not have my usual luck with it.

We then broke out Pandemic.  We had one of the most atrocious starts I have ever seen with Asia being nearly saturated with the initial outbreaks to the near exclusion of the rest of the board.  The early turns were rough with a nearly immediate outbreak.  But with perseverance, we chipped away and found our cure for the dreaded Red Cube Plague, and sprinted to find the additional cures.  All looked lost as we counted up the remaining turns and discovered we had only five player turns to cure the two remaining diseases.  But, after plotting for a half hour we actually came upon an intricate dance of actions that allowed us to win the game on the very last turn!

We ended the day with a few rounds of Incan Gold.  Another fast and simple (no matter what the Austin Star says) favorite.

As I write this, I am looking forward to even more gaming this coming weekend at the Fletcher.  But whatever should I bring to play?

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