The Lurker at the Threshold Expands Arkham Horror

Good news, everyone! Arkham Horror‘s getting another expansion. This time it’s a small box set called The Lurker at the Threshold. Fantasy Flight’s post details the contents pretty well. I’m interested by the tactic they’ve taken here, with some components and mechanics that seem like they can function regardless of what expansions one’s using.

The replacement gate tokens, for example, cover the four other worlds that Dunwich Horror and Kingsport Horror introduce. That’s a nice nod to people like myself, who bought into the whole squamous enchilada. And the added mechanics, like some gates moving and others incurring a loss of some kind for a failure to close them, is really going to change how the game’s played. Someone arriving back in Arkham from exploring another dimension won’t be able to spend turns there, rolling to close the gate, with impunity — not that there’s all that much impunity when there are monsters lurking in the corners of the Black Cave as your intrepid investigator cranks their Stealth to stay alive while hoping for a hit on a single Lore die to close the gate.

And I suspect that if a gate moves out from under an investigator, they’ll lose their “explored” status, meaning they’ll have to go through the other world all over again. That would definitely make the game harder. Frankly, I don’t know if Arkham Horror needs yet another difficulty boost, but for those who do, this should make them happy.

The relationship cards are what interest me. They create links between the investigators. The player on your right may control your character’s fiance, for example. Sounds like there’s typically some benefit to gain from the relationship cards. Something that works in the investigators’ favor gets a thumb’s up from me

There’s other stuff, including a new herald called the Lurker and a mess of the usual cards, but the replacement gates and relationship cards are what interest me most.* Fantasy Flight gives a date of spring 2010, so hopefully it won’t be too long before I can rip into the box and check things out.

* I will be most intrigued to see if the relationships interact at all with the back story cards from Innsmouth Horror.

6 thoughts on “The Lurker at the Threshold Expands Arkham Horror

    • I’m right there with you. Every expansion’s made the game significantly harder, particularly since FFG started designing them to function together without watering down their individual effects.

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