The Art of Board Game Storage

Lifehacker put me on to this: craft blog Infarrantly Creative came up with a novel game storage solution. Use it as wall art. The post walks you through the steps of designing and constructing frames to not only enclose the board, but create a space behind the board to store bits. It’s more than kind of phenomenally clever.

The only drawback I can think of is it kills the game’s portability. If you’re the usual host, that’s no problem. Otherwise, it can put a crimp in heading out to game night or the local convention. You could always subscribe to the action figure collector’s mantra of “one to show, one to go,” which would make game publishers inordinately happy, I’m sure.

The article focuses on games for children or the family; the example projects framed the boards from Candyland, Chutes and Ladders and Cranium. Still, boards for games like Ticket to Ride or Arkham Horror would make for some phenomenal game room art. You might need to make the hollow space behind the board a bit deeper to hold the inevitable Plano boxes, but that’s fine, right?

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