Who’s Afraid of Ragland Park?

An article posted by Phantoms and Monsters, in which a candidate for the Romanian presidency claims a “negative energy” attack caused him to lose the election, reminded me of a plot seed I once threw out on RPG.net, in the days when I thought IRC would be an acceptable substitute for face-to-face role playing:

Well, my most recent campaign idea for Werewolf involves Ragland Park, a charismatic Glass Walker philodox, resolving to become the United States of America’s first Garou president. The PCs would be his team of hatchetmen, doing all the things hatchetmen do: digging up dirt on opponents, conducting midnight raids on campaign headquarters, exterminating the Banes someone let loose in a state’s voting machines, etc.

Somewhat silly, but fun, I would hope.

I have yet to run or really even think about Who’s Afraid of Ragland Park?, as I dubbed it, but it sidles forth from the back of my mind now and then. Part of the challenge would be working around and playing with the expectation that werewolves and other were-creatures have difficulty fitting into modern life. Even in WitchCraft, many Ferals live on the outskirts of society because of their more animal drives. It doesn’t make the idea impossible, just unlikely, which is great when the PCs are meant to be exceptional people doing extraordinary things.

The bit about the incumbent candidate having a parapsychologist attached to the campaign has given me some glorious ideas about the secret wars of symbols and mysticism that drive the public faces of political campaigns.

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