Recorded in the Annals of Geekery

Since the middle of 2007, I’ve been using Boardgamegeek‘s play logging function to track what board games I’ve played. At the time, I began doing so because I’d been dropping in on a friend’s regular game night. The titles they played were, to me at the time, outré enough that I wanted a record of what I had and hadn’t played. So the first games I logged were titles like Power Grid and Caylus. Some plays prior to that summer I was able to backdate because I knew I played them on particular days of a given convention.

A couple months ago, Boardgamegeek’s alternate identity, Geekdo, opened a roleplaying game oriented section. While my roleplaying’s been less frequent in the past year than I would have liked, I’m using the play log on the RPG side as well for the dry facts when the opportunity. Held Action remains the go-to place for actual play reports, natch.

Lately, I’ve been trying to think of a way to incorporate that play log data into this blog in an obvious way. Geekdo has a widget to embed in a web page to display one’s recent plays, among other possibilities, but the styling leaves something to be desired. Furthermore, doesn’t allow scripts in their widgets. It would be really neat if one could design an RSS feed of the recent play information. That could be more readily embedded in a blog or a social network profile.

For the moment, though, I’ve added a section to the About page that links to the grand summation of board and roleplaying games I’ve logged playing over the past couple years. With time and the jogging of memories, I hope to round out the roleplaying side a bit more. I can remember for sure the last couple Call of Cthulhu games I played, with the inestimable John Terra as Keeper.


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