To Impulse!

In the spirit of carpe jugulum, this afternoon I spontaneously decided to tag along with a crew going to TotalCon next month. I just got done going through the online registration process. Fingers crossed I haven’t missed out on everything I signed up for.

My wishlist of games includes:

  • Abduction: CE4, one of Brad Younie’s paranormal investigation adventures using his game The Unexplained.
  • Curse of the Betrothed, a Call of Cthulhu adventure.
  • Spirits Among the Ruins, another Unexplained adventure, centered around a lithic observatory in the New Hampshire woods.
  • Palace of the Vampire Queen, a Basic Dungeons & Dragons game run by one of the venerable old men of the hobby, Frank Mentzer.

TotalCon uses a ticketing system, so apparently whatever games I don’t get into are substituted for by a generic ticket. I’ve never been a convention that uses tickets before, so we’ll see how that goes.

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