Music in Roleplaying Games

RPG Blog II is surveying people about their musical tastes and how they use music, if at all, in conjunction with their roleplaying sessions. I picked up on this from Mad Brew Labs and Stargazer’s World, so I thought I’d spread the word as well. The three question survey itself is over on Survey Monkey.

I’ve only used music in an RPG adventure once before. Running a one-shot of Adventure! at Quarterstaff, it was a no-brainer to use John Williams’ score to Raiders of the Lost Ark as thematic back-up. It worked really well. Aside from giving us the right level of bombast, there were several moments when the in-game action synced up with the music, particularly where the score gets spooky, like when Indiana enters the map room, or unearths the ark’s resting place.

Other memorable instances of music in roleplaying games I’ve experienced include a convention session of Paranoia, in which the Armageddon soundtrack figured prominently as a McGuffin, and my very first session of Dungeons & Dragons, the GM of which used the Record of Lodoss War multi-disc soundtrack as background music.


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