Prepare for Total Confusion

TotalCon, AKA Total Confusion, posted the bulk of their event listings yesterday. You’ll find links to schedule grids in PDF format on the Preregistration page.

One of the things that strikes me as unique about TotalCon is they’re the only convention of which I’m aware with their own living campaign world. RPGA has Living Forgotten Realms and Paizo has Pathfinder Society. TotalCon has TC Realms, which, their website tells me, has been running for over ten years now. Given the general vagueness and variable dedication that roleplaying is subject to, given its nebulous existence between hobby and cottage industry, I’m impressed by anyone who can keep a shared campaign world going, and develop adventures for it, over such a period of time.

Oh yeah, and they’ve got a crap-ton of other roleplaying adventures and board games on deck. It’s quite impressive. TotalCon takes place February 18th through the 21st in Mansfield, Massachusetts, which is eminently drivable from a large portion of New England.

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