Burlington’s Game Store Suggests Ammunition for Family Game Night

Board games in Burlington got a double shot of exposure over the weekend. Saturday’s edition of the Burlington Free Press included the article “Game night to cure cabin fever,” in which the reporter tapped two of the fine folks at Quarterstaff Games, manager Jeff Durochia and Magic: the Gathering specialist Jeremy Muir, for advice on games for folks new to the hobby. For example:

“Board games are exploding right now,” said Jeff Durochia, manager of Quarterstaff Games in Burlington. Quarterstaff’s biggest seller this holiday season was Settlers of Catan: “It was our hottest selling game; we sell this game day in and day out.”

In addition to stating that board games are a relatively inexpensive and renewable source of entertainment, the article includes input from a local family therapist, Bree Greenberg, who notes games can act as a way for parents and their children to connect — which is interesting to think about, especially when you consider that forty years into the hobby of “gaming,” a definite generational progression of the game-playing population is forming. (As an aside, I want to know what happened to the people who were taken to game conventions as very young children in the 80s. How did they turn out?)

The second part of the double whammy is the article is now making the rounds of the Twitterverse. @Boardgamenews tweeted it first, and it’s been retweeted since then, including by yours truly, @heldaction.

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