Embarking on an Earthdawn Campaign

Good news on the roleplaying front: my long out of commission gaming friend and occasional GM, Laban, is getting up to speed to run a campaign. I’m not sure I can express how pleased I am at this. He’s a very easy-going fellow with whom to play and any opportunity I get to play instead of GM is a shining one.

He’s starting with Earthdawn‘s setting and system, but it sounds like he’s making modifications to both. I’ve only even given Earthdawn the most cursory glance, so this will be my big introduction. Going by his descriptions, I like the idea of characters accumulating legend points for performing extraordinary feats. I’m less crazy about ascending die types — it’s what turned me off Savage Worlds, to be honest, because I found myself continually having to recheck what die type a particular skill or attribute used — but I’m taking this as the opportunity to really try the concept out and see if I have an actual problem with it, versus just wrinkling my nose at something new and different.

Fingers crossed this goes well. We’ve got two potential sessions before a three week hiatus as my friend’s family hits the convention circuit. Those two sessions, the first being this Friday night, will probably be given over entirely to character creation. This group is the sort that likes to pore over the book, building a character from scratch. I’m the odd one out in that I’ll take a template just to move forward more quickly, but since I suspect Laban’s Earthdawn collection is all first edition, there may be a dearth of template or archetype characters.

So there will have to be a concerted push to get the game actually playing after the three week hiatus. Last winter, we made a similar attempt, a superhero campaign I dubbed “Mega A-Team,” but it fell down after a single session as real life issues piled up. I’m not sure what I can do differently this time to keep the game moving, since I am again neither the host nor GM, but I’ll do my best to be a positive force for progress.


One thought on “Embarking on an Earthdawn Campaign

  1. Well, if it is 1E there are templates of a sort in that each class had an example character that if you wanted you could just pick up and run if you so choose. (ork calvaryman, human nethermancer, dwarf elementalist, etc.).

    As for the STEP system I’ve found that it’s either something you get or you don’t. I personally never had a problem with the step system they use for dice, and when I was playing could easily rattle off the die combo for steps into the high teens (which never really came up as a player since we never played long enough) but another guy couldn’t keep it straight even if he had it written on his sheet…

    As a side note, if you aren’t familiar with the system I’d recommend shying away from spellcasters. They can be… quirky, especially at low levels. But on the other hand my favorite character ever was an elven nethermancer…

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