Six Months On

It was sixish months ago today
That blogger Tyler began to write
He’s been wandering in and out of  topics
But the posts are pretty likely to get a read.

Yes, it’s the six month anniversary of Held Action. When I started writing, I felt very cautious about just how engaged I was going to be with this project months or years down the line. The initial burst of activity came, as expected, but since then, my enthusiasm for writing these posts has tapered off slightly to levels sustainable over the long term, I think. As long as I plan adventures and pick up new game books now and then, there will always be something to write about, long after the theory butterflies have constructed and discarded three or four whole models.

In honor of the day, here are Held Action‘s six most popular posts to date. I’m just as surprised as you are.

  1. How to Make a Pamphlet Prop, in which I describe how to design and print a prop pamphlet for one’s roleplaying game.
  2. Physical Evidence, in which I admire the work of Propnomicon.
  3. Ten Recommended Books for Urban Fantasy, Modern Magic and General Weirdness, in which I list my favorite sources for inspiration when it comes to running games in the urban fantasy genre.
  4. Game Master Mistakes: Not Really Listening, in which I relate an instance of how not listening to players got in the way of a healthy, on-going game.
  5. Who Gets to Make My Decisions?, in which I wonder whose job it is in a roleplaying game to make decisions.

Top runners-up include: Five Essential Books to Play Mage: The Ascension, in which I name five texts I find useful in running Mage games, Doing It Yourself: The Best Part of the Retro-Clone Movement, in which I explain what I like best about retro-clones, and I’m a “Mastermind-Achiever,” Apparently, which I take a meme-quiz-thing for video gamers and try to spin it as useful information for tabletop roleplayers.

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