Meaningless Gibberish Speaks Volumes

Tying back to the Voynich manuscript, over on, Greg Bishop wrote about asemic texts, a wordless open semantic form of writing” which doesn’t have a specific meaning given by the writer or creator of the script.

The really interesting bit is where he asks this:

Are disembodied “aliens” using symbols to exert their wills on unsuspecting UFO/ abduction witnesses? It is an idea that has been suggested by a few researchers. Witnesses have also claimed that “aliens” interfaced with their craft and other devices on a deep mental level. While in a hypnogogic state, I once imagined endless columns of numbers that were somehow arranging to plot against me!

This reminds of a couple different kinds of magic, where words or symbols on a page require verbal pronunciation or just being read by someone to activate. It could also be seen as a sort of mental programming, where the seemingly meaningless text acts on a deep level in the brain, setting up filters and blind spots, as in Snow Crash, Kenneth Hite’s Madness Dossier and even films like They Live and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension!

Conversely, the asemic text might be a decoy. A book form can hold information in other ways than printed text on the page. Blog of productivity and neat tricks Lifehacker recently suggested hiding a map on the edge of a book. In more fantastic settings, a book’s page might conceal information seen only at a certain angle, like those old three-way perspective pictures, where there are three pictures in one frame, each visible from only one angle, or visible in specific light, a gimmick dating at least as far back as Thorin’s map in The Hobbit.


2 thoughts on “Meaningless Gibberish Speaks Volumes

  1. Hmmmm, a character that my son Andy thought up for the Unexplained actually had me thinking of the Voynich manuscript just this last weekend. It’s a great story seed, and these are all suitably creepy ideas for a paranormal/horror themed RPG. The text affecting the deep level of the brain sounds like it might be perfect for CoC.

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