National Gaming Day in Vermont Update

The local efforts to bring a tabletop component to National Gaming Day have deflated to the point of two dimensionality, unfortunately. Burlington’s own library, the Fletcher Free, elected to keep their activities to what they had already planned, as their point person for in-house events was still getting up to speed or was away on vacation or something to that effect.

When Brennan and I looked a little further afield, we thought we found something at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier. That unraveled as the driving force of games in the library there, Ben, was quite rightly busy with his newborn son — a Halloween baby, as it happens, how appropriate for a gaming father — and couldn’t rally the game-playing troops as effectively as he normally does.

Not all is lost, though. Instead of focusing on an annual game day, Brennan and I are looking at the longer term. The Fletcher’s interested in an on-going board game event once their operative gets everything squared away. Ben’s planning another winter-long Ace of Games program for the Kellogg-Hubbard, as well as the annual Geek Week in March at the Langdon Street Cafe.

There will be plenty of opportunities to play games in Vermont’s library, in Burlington, Montpelier and elsewhere. Illsley Library‘s hosting a Marathon Board Game Day on November 21st — and I’m cheered to see the names of several Middlebury Mobsters in the mix. Derby Line has the Creasers’ monthly Border Board Games, too.


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