Into the Forest and Out of the Sky

This episode of Earthfiles brought to the forefront for me several elements of the Rendlesham Forest incident, a series of UFO sightings and high strangeness in 1980 that became subject to a protracted chain of statements, retractions, obfuscations and general confusion, that could form the basis for a very entertaining adventure. I say “brought to the forefront,” because while the podcast episode is hardly a good introduction to the incident — try this episode of The Paracast for that — I have a bad habit of zoning out during long interviews. I did, however, glean several exciting tidbits:

  • A band of soldiers finding themselves confronted with something bizarre not once, but several times over a series of nights; while commanded by officers whose actions suggest greater knowledge than they admit.
  • A UFO that may not be the typical spaceship from another world, not even of the Moya variety, but a living entity itself.
  • Time travelers from the far — 50,000ish years far — future coming back to harvest DNA for “band aid” repairs to some future catastrophe. They had, reportedly, three claw-like fingers and an opposable digit.

In fact, thinking back, there’s a lot here I could retrofit to an adventure seed I had toyed with, called Doctor Who and the Wonderful Invasion. Maybe that will be my debut offering for Northeast Wars.


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