Delayed Greetings from Lake Morey


Early morning mist hovers over the surface of Lake Morey.

After four days away at Carnage, I’m back home and online. I’ll write plenty more about my convention experience after I recover, but for now here are some scatter-shot memories:

  • I made myself hoarse by the end of the Saturday afternoon slot. There’s no way to GM a game session without a lot of talking, so I spent a lot of time Saturday night with throat lozenges tucked in my cheek. Later that evening, I learned Trout River’s Rainbow Red is a sovereign cure for sore throats.
  • Players will think of the most unexpected solutions, like coercing the ghost of a medical student to insert the needle for an IV cocktail of saline and holy water. It didn’t actually happen, alas, but it was an ingenious notion.
  • There’s con crud and there’s what hit Carnage this year. By the end of Sunday, most of the remaining attendees were coughing or napping on any available soft surface. I’m waiting to see if I contracted something or am just over-tired and hoarse.
  • It’s easy to mistake a blimp for a giant marijuana joint.
  • A local author, Lisa Comstock, promoted her BrimTier Chronicles in the dealer’s room Saturday. That was an unexpected treat.
  • Dominion had to be the belle of the con, given the number of times it played, on schedule and off, and the lively Saturday night tournament.
  • This was the first year that declaring “Civilian!” when turning a corner in the halls became a wise tactic during the intermittent Nerf Wars sessions.

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