All Aboard for Nothing But Carnage

My assembled gaming kit for the weekend.

My assembled gaming kit for the weekend. I tie-dyed the dice bag myself.

Sometime early yesterday afternoon, the stalwart Stella Blue, AKA my aged Chevy Malibu, merged with the southbound traffic of Interstate 89, heading for the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, VT. For you see, every year since 2003, about this time in late fall, Lake Morey has played host to Carnage, Vermont’s longest running game convention. After eight or so months of thought and planning, it’s finally time to hit the ground running for Carnage 12.

I’ve been attending since 2006, when at the last minute a friend asked, “Hey, do you want to go to this convention called Carnage?” Every year, I’ve steadily become more and more involved, running stuff on my own or as a Man in Black.

Behind the jump is my dance card for the weekend. Whether you want to play something I’m running or not, don’t be shy of saying hey if you happen past.

Can’t wait to wake up unconscionably early Saturday morning and admire the morning mist drifting over Lake Morey!

  • Friday afternoon: Frag Gold, the good old FPS arena fighter with a component upgrade. Still fun.
  • Friday evening: GURPS Ghostbusters: The Lurker in the Limelight, about which I’ve blogged rather extensively on Held Action.
  • Saturday morning: Revolution!, a new bidding type game from Steve Jackson Games about agents securing influence for their patrons in the face of the regime-changing writing on the wall.
  • Saturday afternoon: GURPS Infinite Worlds: Highway to Niflheim, in which the Infinity Cops travel to Midgard, where Viking societies cover the globe and an innocuous Homeline research station has gone missing.
  • Saturday evening: Arkham Horror, because I love that game and want to play it whenever I can. This is as Northeast Wars staff and highlights the latest expansion, Innsmouth Horror.
  • Sunday afternoon: Dungeoneer, again as Northeast Wars staff, because it’s a fairly light game for the end of the convention.

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