Bakuretsucon 2009


Lyndon, Tim and Chris are online and fragging away.

This past Halloween weekend was also Bakuretsucon, Vermont’s only anime convention. Like many conventions of a given type, a great many activities go on only slightly related to anime, up to and including a tabletop game room in the hotel lobby. Saturday, Halloween itself, I hung out in the game room doing demos as a Man in Black.

Unsurprisingly, things were pretty quiet, given it’s an anime convention and tabletop games are an extreme sideline. A ConnectiCon staffer ran a Magic: The Gathering tournament with eight or so participants. The other side of the room had an invitation-only game of fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons. In the middle was me with a pile of Steve Jackson games and John the game room monitor, whose own pile of games included several of those I had brought.

I did get to run a few demos, though. A group of four sat down for Frag Gold almost completely out of the blue, which was pretty cool. It was a smooth ride, all around. We played it straight, since it was a demonstration situation. In casual play, I like to use the house rule that a fragged player gets a special card, as well as their fragger. Keeps everyone on their toes and evens things up for someone who can’t catch a break and repeatedly gets fragged by bigger, tougher fighters.

Later on, John the monitor sent a couple my way to check out Munchkin Quest. While they’d played regular Munchkin previously, the board game version was brand new to them. They both dug the tile-based board aspect of the game, as well as all the bits: hearts, feet, gold pieces, standee monsters and what-not. It’s an impressively bit-tacular game, particularly when you consider it grew out of something that uses a pile of cards and a d6.

After that, the hubbub died right down. The Magic tournament and Dungeons & Dragons game rolled along. Some convention attendees broke out Pokemon decks at one point. It was, all in all, a quiet game room, but that’s anime conventions for you. I folded up shop around 4:00 that afternoon and rolled out, considering two demos and seven happy players a job well done.


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