Citation Needed

I have a file in my Google Docs that consists simply of a quote, or paraphrasing of a statement. I know I copied it down because it seemed like an interesting bit of mysticism for an NPC to spout, or to be the core of a modern magic game like Mage: The Ascension or WitchCraft.

The problem is when I wrote it out, I neglected to note where I ran across it, nor did I note what was the quoted material and what was my own addition. A Google search doesn’t turn anything up, so I suspect I heard it on a podcast, like EERIE Radio or The Paracast — most likely EERIE, given the passage’s general drift.

It’s a good nugget, but I would have liked to go back to the well for more. That’ll teach me not to note where I find things, particularly material that isn’t easily found via text search.

We are multi-dimensional consciousness by nature. The intellect has forced us into the world we perceive. It works to keep us here, while people naturally move towards a consciousness shift to perceive more than one dimensional/level of reality.

Ties back to Buddhism: this reality is not the sum totality of existence.

Having an experience that gives one mind the illusion of apartness. It’s gone too far now, fostering pain, etc. Time to get back to the single, vast multi-faceted consciousness, rather than the myriad selves it has divided itself into.

1 thought on “Citation Needed

  1. If you want a great source of odd mysticism for modern-style games, check out Grant Morrison’s “The Invisibles”.

    Here’s a favorite of mine from the first issue.

    “I figure that John Lennon now has many of the attributes of a god, so I used shamanic magic to commune with him. I quite like the idea of a psychedelic god.”

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