I’m Glowing a Little Bit

This afternoon, I checked in with the schedule managers for Carnage. More than half the games I’m running are filled up with preregistrants. That’s a personal best for me. I really didn’t think that would happen with Highway to Niflheim, but even that one is topped out at six players. It’s a little intimidating.

I was about to type I’ve never run a roleplaying adventure for that many people, but then I remembered last year’s horror scenario Band on the Run. It was kind of a chaotic kerfuffle with players abandoning the plot for their own devices — which I rolled with, natch — and the general lunacy may have put a young girl off roleplaying completely, but most of the players said they enjoyed themselves.

This year, my goal is to roll as flexibly as before, but exert a stronger force melding their actions with events somewhat resembling a plot.


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