Show Off Your Game Night

Quarterstaff Games in Burlington, VT.

Quarterstaff Games in Burlington, VT, Tuesday, October 6, 2009.

Some folks are lucky enough to have a regular opportunity to play games. In my case, it happens to be Tuesday board game night at Quarterstaff Games — that elusive on-going RPG campaign continues to lurk somewhere over the next horizon In the adjacent picture, from left to right, you can see people on a recent Tuesday evening playing Apples to Apples, Le Havre, an on-going Doom: The Board Game campaign and, out of sight to the right, Witch Trial. That was a great night.

W.J. Walton of The Escapist has the right idea, writing to show off tabletop games and make people proud of playing, rather than shy or reticent. So I say we should show ourselves enjoying our hobby. What does your game night look like? Is it at the local game store, too, or does a member of the group host it at their home? Inquiring souls want to pry. If you have a picture, post it to your blog or website and link here in the comments.


11 thoughts on “Show Off Your Game Night

  1. The board game night that I attend looks surprisingly like yours. I think mine is more from the perspective of that fellow in the blue shirt though.

  2. I’m just ecstatic over all the boardgame activity blossoming everywhere! I see many dedicated people working hard to bring this significant activity out of obscurity and into play.

    And what a time to introduce a new game! Now, for Chesscubed, its just a matter of time. The quintessential game gets a fun new element; the 3rd person. Chesscubed looks forward to game nights!

    See it,, and vote it into stores.

  3. When I remember, I take photos of my regular gaming events. My “Cafe Games” events happen twice a month and we hang out in two different cafes here in Melbourne, Australia. Some pictures on the blog site here:

    But many more on the Facebook page “photos” tab:

    We try to be excited and proud about game playing, not shy.

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