National Gaming Day

<div><a rel="cc:attributionURL" href=Over at The Escapist, W.J. Walton’s been pushing National Gaming Day @ Your Library, a day to play games of all kinds at your local public library. This is the second annual National Gaming Day. The ALA’s built up a very helpful collection of materials to help promote the day, like the poster to the right. Check out their press kit for more resources to help convince your local library to participate and then promote the shindig.

Here in Burlington, a friend and I are talking with the Fletcher Free Library about getting some tabletop content into their current National Gaming Day programming. Getting board games on the table will be easy. My own hope is to have at least one session of a roleplaying game, so I’m beating the bushes for someone who wants to run a quickie dungeon crawl; Pathfinder, Dungeons & DragonsSwords & Wizardry, I don’t really care. There just needs to be some RPG representation. There’s a d20 on that poster, after all.

I’d run something myself, but I don’t feel comfortable cramming on a system I don’t even know. Maybe I could kitbash a free adventure from one of the retro-clone games for something I feel okay running, like GURPS or Cinematic Unisystem. The key to a situation like this, I think, is to run something easy to grasp and run through, like a dungeon bash.

More news about National Gaming in Burlington as it comes.


3 thoughts on “National Gaming Day

  1. Thanks for the link, and please let me know if you manage to get an RPG event going at your library. I’d be happy to post it on the schedule at Terra Libris (

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