One Time at D&D Camp…

Gaming Brouhaha has a post about something utterly fascinating: D&D camp. Yes, during the early 80s, a college campus hosted week long summer camp sessions that included Dungeons & Dragons in their activities. Click through to read the whole deal on that.

Meanwhile, Ars Ludi is collecting photos from each session of the camp. It’s a fine, upstanding lot of young gamers. The neat part is former campers are coming out of the woodwork to share their reminisces of their time.

The idea of a game-oriented program like this has set my mental wheels to turning. Doing a full-on sleepover camp probably wouldn’t be feasible out of the gate, but I find the idea of a day camp-style program incorporating discussion and playing of tabletop games, roleplaying and otherwise, very interesting. And now’s just the right time to be thinking about something that would happen next summer. There’s plenty of time to plan.

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