Return to the Tomb of the Lich Lord

And news of older games becoming available again keeps on coming. Atlas Games confirms they have the new printing of the Dungeoneer set Tomb of the Lich Lord in their warehouse. While not a core set for Dungeoneer, as they are intended to be all played independently, it was the first and works as a solid introduction to game play. And one I lack at the moment.

Since I’m running a session of Dungeoneer at Carnage, this is good because it will expand our options. We could play Tomb and Call of the Lich Lord, an epic level set, in sequence for a longer game. Or mix Tomb together with Vault of the Fiends for a bigger dungeon to explore — and I’m curious to find out how mixing sets changes the usefulness of keyword-specific effects and overall feel of a given set’s theme.

One other variation I would like to try at Carnage, assuming the players are interested, is Overworld / Underworld. Heroes begin exploring a wilderness region, as in Realm of the Ice Witch and then must find the entrance to the dungeon in order to delve for further glory. You end up building two separate maps, one for the wilderness and one for the dungeon, so it is probably space intensive.

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