[Mage: The Suppressed Transmission] Deception

Mage: The Suppressed Transmission is a Mage: The Ascension campaign I ran from the summer to winter of 2005 at Quarterstaff Games. I think of it as my first “real” campaign and present my session reports, mostly written just after the action, exactly as they are, excepting the occasional corrected typo.

The session opened with a number of revelations coming to Evan; first off, he connected the facts of the algae in the bay, the fey moss he stole and the selkies. So the cabal decided to locate a man with more technical aptitude that might possibly have the ability to locate the concentration of the moss.

“Sparks,” a man who had only briefly known a professor at the local university, was certainly surprised and frightened when two men showed up at his door wanted to speak with him, and saying that the professor, who had helped them with some technocratic equipment had forwarded them to him.

Sparks’ knowledge and his use of internet research tools, quickly revealed that many of the problems the group had been dealing with, rain and fiery eruptions in the umbra, might be recurring, and might be tied to one Dr. Dee. After a short discussion on the possible causes and side effects of whatever was going on, they decided that perhaps a marine survey to find the highest concentration of the fey moss would help locate a possible source of the problems.

They went off to the docks, and began to ask the various fishermen about the algae its effects and its central location. Other than a vague reference to the reef, where seals often congregated, as being a large collection point, the entire bay seemed fully saturated with the algae. Rather than drive the van into the water in front of the tourists and fishermen,the group decided to break for now and return later when the docks were emptier.

Henry and Sparks both performed their own brands of analysis on samples of the algae they had gotten. Evan tested a fish for edibility, and found out he was quite a bad cook. And Kay took a nap. Coming together later that night, the group drove the (amphibious) van into the water, taking a bucket of fish Sparks had wisely purchased. Evan began talking with any old random seal he ran into. Henry did a mind scan and pointed out the selkie in the herd of seals. It turned out to be Nereia, the very same guard from Lady Undine’s court we ran into when we were searching for the missing chantry in Beachwood.

From our discussion with her, the selkies actually had no intention of causing what was happening, though they might have been cowed into it.* She told us of Dr. Dee’s “tower,” somewhere south of the selkie court.* After learning so much about the causes of the current situation, our attention was drawn away from that by Sparks, who noted that Kay’s family might be in danger. After much thought, we decided that sending them into hiding for a short while, and then trying to get House Quaesitor to protect them, might be the best path to take.

So we set off, to the houses of Kay’s family, and under the guise of a rich benefactor to the Vatican,Evan offered all of his family members an all expenses paid vacation to the Vatican. Once Kay’s family was all packed, we set off to his brother-in-law’s office,since he was the last family member left to get. When we got to the office, we saw a Man in Black talking with Kay’s brother-in-law, and that’s where we broke.

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