PAX Goes East

Holy frijoles, I just found out about this.

PAX, or Penny Arcade Expo, is putting on an east coast shindig in March 2010, called, appropriately enough, PAX East. The initial news post went up last March, but I just heard about it through the grapevine today.

While PAX focuses on media and video games, I’ve heard some tabletop gaming goes on as well. Steve Jackson Games’ Paul Chapman had nothing but good things to say. While PAX East will take a couple years to get up and running as the original show did, something with that kind of draw could be huge for tabletop games.


3 thoughts on “PAX Goes East

  1. I’ll bet – due to the rep the west coast event has – the east coast event will be a sell-out. Too many folks east of the Mississippi haven’t attended PAX due to the distance, so they will descend on PAX East like buzzards on a gut wagon. Gonna be gooooood.

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