[Mage: The Suppressed Transmission] The Devil’s in the Details

Mage: The Suppressed Transmission is a Mage: The Ascension campaign I ran from the summer to winter of 2005 at Quarterstaff Games. I think of it as my first “real” campaign and present my session reports, mostly written just after the action, exactly as they are, excepting the occasional corrected typo.

We left our heroes with Kay and Henry attempting pitifully to communicate with “Jane,” because the guy with mind magic, Evan, ran off and was pinned to the ground by the tribe whose camp we were walking to.

Eventually Jane decides that she should take Kay and Henry to her people. Upon us getting to the village,she decided to talk it up for us to meet with their elder. They take us into the heart of their little village to the largest building and direct us inside.

Inside, there is an old man who speaks English with a Bronx accent sitting on a throne-style object. We ask him about the rain in the umbra. He tosses a powder in the fire and after hacking up a lung we find ourselves in the umbra — it isn’t raining here. The rain is apparently local to San Francisco. When we ask him why, he says that elemental forces are unbalanced. We ask him some more questions. He refuses to answer until we tell him why we are here. We tell him, but he doesn’t think that’s a good reason and denies answering our question. After taking us out of the Umbra, he tells us to leave and offers reluctantly to have Stormwalker join us in our mission.

We get back and rest for like a week for all our wounds to heal and try to figure out what is happening in the chantry library. Evan and Stormwalker decide to head over to the Oceanographic Institute to find out more from a friend of Sunny’s. They get there and discover that interesting stuff is happening ecologically in the San Francisco Bay. There is an intriguing algae bloom, so they get some of the algaeand take it back to Charlotte, the chantry’s resident botanist, to study it.

Kay decides to follow up on a lead he got about the device he took from the Technocracy. He meets this old school computer science guy who works at Caltech, Professor de Peña. Kay discusses it with him. The professor insists they meet again discreetly in Golden Gate Park. Kay drives around for a while with the “PKE meter.” Then he goes and shows it to the guy who tells me that it is a device that finds weaknesses in the Gauntlet, AKA the wall between here and the Umbra.

Upon going to sleep that night, Stormwalker has a vision where his cougar avatar guides him to the top of a hill where he sees San Francisco as a city with many white spires with coats of arms on flags all over it; then the vision abruptly transforms into a city aflame.

Kay has a dream of waking up in a stable. He walks outside and sees the holy grail floating in the sky, very similar to Lancelot’s dream in Arthurian romances, which indicated that he wouldn’t attain the grail.

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