An Extended Ghostbusters Ludography

Over on, Michael Tresca, himself author of Who Ya Gonna Call?, posted a rundown of Ghostbusters‘ influence on gaming through years. It directly spawned two editions of an RPG itself and a number of homages and imitators, including miniatures sets and InSpectres. There are, however, a few takes on the concept Michael left out of his article, some of which I found helpful in preparing The Lurker in the Limelight for Carnage.

Spook Stoppers

David Goodner wrote up an entire PDF on catching ghosts in Cinematic Unisystem by the name of Spook Stoppers. It’s got all the essential widgets a ghostbuster could want, some sample characters and outlines on creating ghosts, with still more samples to use. It’s a great starting point for anyone for whom Cinematic Unisystem is their system of choice.

You’ll find another take on busting heads in a spiritual sense with the Cinematic Unisystem over at Morgan’s Unisystem page.


In the anthology supplement GURPS All-Star Jam 2004, Ken Hite’s contribution was the article Ghost-breaking. It takes a more antiquated approach to spook hunting, with electric pentacles and other wondrous ghostbusting artifacts, but it’s got a widget you haul around on your back to zap and trap ghosts, so that counts in my book.

ExorSystems, Inc

Ranging further afield, we have Octavirate Games’ take on spook and monster hunting, ExorSystems, Inc. It’s a d20 Modern supplement that sounds like it plays up the humorous side of exterminating supernatural pests while working for a major corporation. I say “sounds like” because I opted not to buy this one on the grounds I already have too many PDFs I have yet to read.

Ecto Hunters

This one never made it to market, sadly. as Daring Entertainment announced in early September 2009 it was ceasing publishing on account of the current economy. Ecto Hunters was pitched as part of the Daring Action Block, a series of PDFs for Savage Worlds describing the series in a cartoon programming block, alongside “shows” with strong similarities to nostalgia properties like G.I. Joe and Transformers. However, at least one of Daring Entertainment’s properties, Hard Boiled, may still see publication, which leaves a glimmer of hope for Ecto Hunters as well.

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