Using Aeon / Exalted Style Target Numbers in the Original World of Darkness

This post was going to be in response to a request on for help using the Aeon / Exalted Storyteller target number variation with original World of Darkness games. It brought to mind something I ran across many moons ago — May 17, 2003, according to the creation date of the HTML file — a table that allows one to convert task difficulties from the oWoD system of variable target numbers and successes to Aeon Storyteller by way of a quick table.

Fortunately, someone with sharper recall than remembered where on the web the original was located, so I saved myself the agony of reposting someone’s work without permission or credit. You can find Bruce Baugh’s charts for converting oWoD difficulty ratings to the fixed target number system used by the Aeon Universe* and Exalted games on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. I myself used them to great success in a short Changeling: The Dreaming game I ran in 2003 — mostly it was the sample adventure in the back of the first edition corebook, as I recall.

* Yeah, I know it’s officially called the Trinity Universe. It’s a habit I don’t really want to break.

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