[Mage: The Suppressed Transmission] The Sky Will Weep

Mage: The Suppressed Transmission is a Mage: The Ascension campaign I ran from the summer to winter of 2005 at Quarterstaff Games. I think of it as my first “real” campaign and present my session reports, mostly written just after the action, exactly as they are, excepting the occasional corrected typo.

Arriving in Ciaphas’ basement, Evan, Kay, and Henry were stopped by the commanding officer. Evan, acting as the leader, was a little curt with him but managed to blame it all on a bureaucratic mixup and a dash of incompetence on the door officers’ part. Leaving quickly, they began investigating the upstairs,eventually finding themselves back in the room where Evan and Henry had leapt out of the window. A junior officer was still conducting part of the investigation in the room, but Evan once again played the part of superior officer. Finally, they managed to locate Ciaphas’ study. Evan and Kay looked around and pocketed a few personal items for scrying later while Henry stood watch at the door. Upon exiting the study,the commanding officer caught them snooping and told them that the door officer didn’t have their authorization papers. Evan managed to get the C.O. riled up enough to forget about their lack of identification, and off they went… to the backyard.

In the backyard, Evan, Kay, and Henry witnessed two officers analyzing Evan’s weakening of the Gauntlet with technocratic scanners. One of them stupidly put his hand into it and was sucked into the Umbra. In a poor attempt to calm the panicked officer left behind,Evan continued to play the superior officer. Not calming in the least, this junior officer went running back inside. Kay and Henry each took a scanner and began examining the weakening, but they didn’t feel like remaining too much longer when the C.O. reared his head again… with an escort of several agents behind him. Frustrated to no end, he called headquarters immediately, but Kay interfered with all communications in the area while Henry slowly backed into the road. Without hesitation, the C.O. commanded the agents to apprehend them. Evan and Kay turned and ran into the street behind Henry, but the agents proved much too fast, one firmly grabbing Evan with an iron grip. Kay and Henry turned around to face their pursuers, Kay summoning gale-force winds to blow the agent off of Evan. Evan was caught in the blast and blown through a neighbor’s window, but the agent was subdued. Not expecting an attack from Henry, the agent on his tail was surprised when Henry smashed the scanner down onto the agent’s skull. Shaking off his surprise quickly,the agent struck by Henry assumed a martial arts pose and demonstrated his status as the Jackie Chan of the Technocracy with a sharp blow to Henry’s chest that knocked the wind from him. Fearing that there were too many to deal with directly, Kay forced an oncoming car to swerve in front of himself and Henry, preventing the agents from following them.

Kay and Henry used public transportation to return to the Winchester Mystery House, discovering Evan had run through houses to escape. Needless to say, Evan and Henry once again needed time to recover. Kay, however,couldn’t wait to report their findings to Mark,levitating Evan’s gurney throughout the chantry while Henry concentrated upon Ciaphas’ personal effects.

Unable to locate Mark, Kay set up an appointment to see fellow Chorister Father Rashandi after returning Evan to Charlotte. There Evan found Henry giving himself a headache because Henry had failed to realize that he didn’t have enough arcane knowledge of scrying to search for Ciaphas by himself. Before meeting with Ciaphas, Kay met with an old colleague who agreed to examine the remaining technocratic scanner after a little beer got him into an agreeable mood. His friend scared off by the plutonium symbol etched into an interior component, Kay went to Father Rashandi and told them of his new cabal’s activities, asking for help with analyzing the scanner and locating Ciaphas. Disturbed by the repeated technocratic incursions,Father Rashandi was able to find someone capable of scrying for Ciaphas, with cryptic results.

Returning to the chantry to check up on Evan’s and Henry’s progress, Kay informed them of his meeting,the two of them bickering like an old married couple. Attempting to divine the nature of the future with an oracular vision, Kay was immediately struck down, his eyes bleeding. Simultaneously, a young woman with pink hair came running down the hall screaming about rain. Immediately checking the Umbra, both Evan and Henry confirmed what she was talking about: there was rain in the Umbra, which Evan recognized as an unusual occurrence. Asking Charlotte to tend to Kay’s bleeding eyes, Evan, Henry, and the girl marched off into the library to find anything they could about Umbral weather patterns.

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