[Tuesday Board Game Night] All Quiet on the Board Game Front

I didn’t play anything this week. Arriving late because of a completely unexpected furniture purchase — yeah for extra counter and cupboard space in the form of a rolling kitchen cart! — I found groups playing Memoir ’44, Small World and Le Havre. I took the opportunity to poke through the store’s demo copy of Chaos in the Old World.

Knowing nothing about the Warhammer universe, I found the rules a slog to read through. While I think I have the basic concept of a turn goes, I’m not at all sure how the game actually plays or how to categorize it. There are units that battle each, cards that break the rules or upgrade abilities and a map of regions to conquer and corrupt.

Interestingly, that was much my initial reaction to Arkham Horror: “What is all this stuff? It makes no sense.” Now that game is among my all-time favorites. I kind of doubt Chaos in the Old World will go that way for me, but it’s something to keep in mind if I ever get to try it out.


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