Fear the Boot

I am of two minds with regards to the podcast Fear the Boot. On the one hand, the core hosts are strong personalities. They’re not all lifelong gaming buddies, but the chemistry is strong regardless. Thanks to that chemistry, the show’s fun to listen to as a conversation among friends, which works out, because they can go off into some delightfully amusing tangents. As a social experience, the show’s a hit with me.

On the other side, as a show about roleplaying games, it’s pretty much a wash. I usually find myself rolling my eyes at about 60% of the remarks and advice given on the myriad topics the show has covered in its run. Most of the time, what the hosts want from a roleplaying game — or what they consider to be “the way things are done” — just doesn’t line up with my own tastes. That’s cool and all, but it kinda reduces the show’s value to me as a listener.

So, for me, Fear the Boot is a mixed listening experience. It’s a fun conversation to listen to, but the gaming information isn’t for me personally. That said, it’s a strong show with an extensive back catalog of episodes. The subject matter typically runs toward advice best utilized by the GM of a given gaming situation, but there are also episodes touching on how to be a good player and other player-oriented topics. Be sure to give it a listen. As always, my advice is to try some of the most recent episodes, since everyone’s a little rough at the start of their podcasting career.


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