[Mage: The Suppressed Transmission] Black Hats and Mirrorshades

Mage: The Suppressed Transmission is a Mage: The Ascension campaign I ran from the summer to winter of 2005 at Quarterstaff Games. I think of it as my first “real” campaign and present my session reports, mostly written just after the action, exactly as they are, excepting the occasional corrected typo.

While recuperating in Doissetep’s medical facilities, Evan and Henry met Kay. He had just arrived on this plane accidentally and was looking for a way back to Earth. Moaning like a couple of hypochondriacs, Evan and Henry told Kay of their previous efforts to return home but weren’t willing to leave the comfort of their beds. Wandering around for a bit, Kay eventually returned to Evan and Henry.

Finally over themselves and their “pain,” Evan and Henry left with Kay to look for Porthos, interrupting him in the middle of an experiment, which spilled onto and ate through the floor. After some coaxing, Porthos finally agreed to return them to Earth. Oddly enough,Porthos acted as though he had been waiting for Kay, who simply played along. Climbing all the way to the top of one of Doissetep’s towers, Porthos cracked open an interdimensional gateway and shoved the three of them over the wall.

Back on Earth, they hopped on a bus back to the chantry. Unfamiliar with the front door, Kay found it a bit difficult to get in at first. Inside they discovered that while two days had been spent in Doissetep, only one day had gone by. Relating their adventures in the Umbra, they were instructed to checkout Ciaphas’ residence for Technocratic activity.

Sure enough, the “gas leak” tape was still strung around the premises and the building itself was still covered with a fumigation tent. Evan discreetly sprinkled some of the fae moss around while Henry attuned his expanded senses to the activity around the house. Afterwards, Evan was suddenly and inexplicably clipped by a speeding car after attempting to cast a spell. Taking that as a cue to leave, they returned to the chantry. As they left the bus, Evan was stopped for a moment by a homeless man, but was allowed to continue because of the possibility of eavesdroppers.

Displeased with the decided lack of intelligence gathered by their return to Ciaphas’ abode, they were instructed to once again return and collect more information. However, Evan related the tale of his accident to Charlotte, Henry quickly following suit by mentioning his acid burns. Taking the advice that they shouldn’t spy on the spies during the middle of the day, Evan and Henry rested up while Kay bought some cheap suits. The new plan: infiltrate the house disguised as agents.

Returning at night, Evan took the time to cast the suggestion of familiarity on all of them while Kay focused on creating a protective force barrier for himself. Henry sat around and felt useless, his magics overwhelmed by the pain of his various wounds. Once prepared, they returned to Ciaphas’ dwelling and entered it successfully. Feigning an assignment, they were allowed into the basement. Upon entering, an agent, seeming to be the leader of the force promptly approached them, waiting for their response.

Looking back, I can’t decide if falling through an interdimensional portal back to Earth, only to have to take a bus back to the chantry, is amusing or moronic on my part.

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