[Mage: The Suppressed Transmission] The House of Hermes

Mage: The Suppressed Transmission is a Mage: The Ascension campaign I ran from the summer to winter of 2005 at Quarterstaff Games. I think of it as my first “real” campaign and present my session reports, mostly written just after the action, exactly as they are, excepting the occasional corrected typo.

When Henry and Evan awoke from sleeping in Doissetep. Porthos was nowhere to be found, so the two decided to shower up — Henry settling for the pool — and get some breakfast.

After a meal — during which Henry acted as Evan’s apprentice — we asked around to see if there was anyway we could return to San Francisco. One option given was that there was a door in Doissetep that would lead to a branch on Yggdrasil that contained many portals to various other places.

After Evan cowed an apprentice into showing him the way back to the apartment, they began to investigate Porthos’ library. Henry, the first to find anything particularly relevant, found a rough diagram of Yggdrasil on a fast decaying scroll, which Evan quickly copied onto a nearby discarded pizza box. But before the two could garner anything else from the decaying books, they were summoned to the basement;some creature had been found.

Evan, more determined to keep from getting killed than killing, used his magic to seal off the two with an illusory wall. Sadly, when the apprentice Evan had bullied earlier came around, Evan let down his spell,once again cowing the apprentice, but when he raised it again, its power had diminished. When the creature found them, it burst through the imaginary bricks and charged at the three, who quickly charged… away. And ran into Porthos, where they decided to stand.

Immediately, Henry was grabbed by the creature, and tried to fight it off valiantly with his fragment of an MIB delta wing, Porthos’ electrically charged staff and Evan’s attempt to dissuade it had the same mediocre effect, It was only by the chance of luck,which he will forever claim as skill, that Evan brained the creature with a rock.

Following the martial feat, it was revealed the creature was actually an experiment of Porthos’ which had escaped, though no one had the gall to complain about safety to the doddering archmage. So ended the night.

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