Lurker in the Limelight Playtest Tonight!

So the Lurker in the Limelight playtest got pushed back by a week, making tonight the night. Character backgrounds are written, sheets have been tweaked — I opted not to make slime blowers an option, as they’re presented as too much of a “solve all” piece of gear — the players have been wrangled and I’ve bashed out the sequence of events and character motivations to the point I feel comfortable running the game from memory. The notes are growing into a full-fledged adventure module, but I plan to keep them just in case of catastrophic brain fart.

I also resolved, for the moment, the question of mechanical representation of zapping ghosts with proton streams. After going over a number of different ways used in other games to represent ghostbusting — including the recent video game — I opted to go with Ken Hite’s “ghost blaster” in his Ghost-breaking article in GURPS All-Star Jam 2004. In addition to being native to GURPS, which is the system of choice for this adventure, it’s pretty straightforward. I don’t want blasting spooks to be tedious, so I’m hoping this mechanical take runs as quickly as it seems. This playtest will demonstrate whether that’s the case. And perhaps the biggest plus to playtesting tonight is, barring some revision work, I can turn my creative attentive fully to Highway to Niflheim, which has fallen so far back, it’s barely even on the stove.

Wish me luck!

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