[Mage: The Suppressed Transmission] Passage Through Shadow

Mage: The Suppressed Transmission is a Mage: The Ascension campaign I ran from the summer to winter of 2005 at Quarterstaff Games. I think of it as my first “real” campaign and present my session reports, mostly written just after the action, exactly as they are, excepting the occasional corrected typo.

As presented by Henry, played by Cris.

In the physical world…
While Franz eluded capture, Evan was apprehended by agents, slip-cuffed, and brought before the unit commander while the agents cordoned off the area with caution tape. Taking a page from Henry’s book, Evan attempted to bluff his way through the commander’s interrogation. However, the commander proved quite persuasive (magically so), and Evan happily spilled the beans, even admitting that he was who weakened the Gauntlet.

The commander ordered him to repair the damage caused, but Evan’s head had cleared by then. Instead, he called out to any and all spirits within shouting distance that the breach gave them the opportunity to strike at the agents that, given time, would see the spirit world cutoff from the physical world permanently.

Working a like charm (no pun intended), several agents began mysteriously collapsing, coughing up whatever internal fluids they possessed. Desperately clinging to the bluff idea, Evan fell to the ground and coughed up blood himself, having cast a fire spell inside his own throat to add to the bluff. Despite the blood and scorching pain, Evan changed the light reflecting off his skin to appear pale and dead. The agents’ attention diverted by water fountain, Evan finally succeeded in making his escape. Cutting off the zip-cuffs with one of his gems, Evan utilized mass transit to return to the chantry at the Winchester Mystery House.

In the Umbra…
After a flash of white light, Henry and Ciaphas found the lost agents throwing themselves onto the car, smashing the windows in to get to them. As Henry slipped his legs through the metal handcuffs to get his arms in front of him, Ciaphas struggled with the steering wheel. Unfortunately, his control was less than stellar, as the vehicle collided head-on with a tree.

Dazed, Henry wormed his out of the car window and went around the car to check on Ciaphas, who was unconscious and had a bloody laceration on his forehead. The idea of first aid was lost on him as the agents that had been on the car began stirring. Instead of sticking around, Henry ran into the whistling woods, hearing the agents talk of deployment. A few moments later and Henry found out what was being deployed when he extended his vision beyond its normal limit: a large, triangular craft kept aloft by vertical thrust.

Initially running right toward the craft, Henry immediately took off in a perpendicular direction. However, a second craft was deployed especially to apprehend him. Henry was able to stay ahead of it for awhile, giving him a chance to analyze the area with enhanced senses. The smaller craft eventually found him, threatening to burn him out. Nowhere near as fast as the craft, Henry was overtaken and tractor beamed, briefly catching the metal handcuffs on a tree limb (quite painful and bloody). As a last ditch effort, Henry threw his belt into the turbine creating the craft’s vertical thrust. This spectacularly threw the craft into a tail spin and himself into a tree’s embrace.

In the physical world…
At the Winchester Mystery House, Evan collapsed as he made it to the chantry portion of the building. He awoke some time later to a horrible tasting brew that soothed his burned throat. Barely able to speak, he was able to divulge what had transpired earlier this day. Obliged to restore the balance by rescuing Ciaphas and Henry, Evan was brought to a secret basement stream that allowed him to enter the Umbra without much hassle (other than the disturbing falling sensation).

In the Umbra…
Looking for transportation, Evan was picked up by Charon’s cable car. Paying the two-cent fare, Evan was returned to the Umbral location of Ciaphas’ mansion, where he discovered the large craft, the car, and the swarming agents.

After hearing a yelp in the distance, Evan quickly discovered the ragged Henry on top of a familiar-seeming stranger. Henry apologized for accidentally falling onto the man from his perch atop the tree. After an odd introduction, the stranger, called Porthos, offered to take Evan and Henry home.

Questioning the man’s mental faculties, they nevertheless made their way back to San Francisco. There, he split dimensions to reveal what looked like lava, pushing the both of them into it. They all ended up in a desert on some other plane of existence, the reddish tint everywhere made it seem reminiscent of Mars. Porthos’s home, apparently, was someplace other than the physical world, much to their dismay.

Making their way to Porthos’s residence, Evan and Henry were each given a chance to use the bathroom (wherever that was, they both ended up using what looked like a pool) while the other told Porthos his version of what happened with the agents. After some tea, they all retired for the evening.


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