The Arcana Wiki

Curated by Jürgen Hubert, the Arcana Wiki carries on the legacy of the Suppressed Transmission columns. So you can tell it covers a field near and dear to my own heart. As the introduction says:

Legends, mythology, UFO lore, Conspiracy theories, Fiction, and even (seemingly) mundane cultural traditions from other countries. These can and have been used to inspire role-playing game adventures and even entire campaign settings. This wiki aims to collect information about all those, ready for gamers – and then adds suggestions by other gamers – for actually using them in your game.

Right on the front page is a random selection of topics hosted at the wiki, with such tantalizing titles as “Huge Sea Worm Captured in Britain,” “Oasis in the Ice” and “Library of Lost Books.” I’m already getting ideas just from combining those three titles together.


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