Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming 2009

The shortlist for the Diana Jones award for excellence in gaming has been posted. It’s an eclectic bunch of potential winners, which is fitting, since the awards ceremony is the unofficial kick-off to Gen Con, which happens to be next Wednesday. Unlike the Origins and Ennie awards, I have actually played or heard of more than half the nominees: I’ve blogged about playing Dominion and Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition right here and I have not only heard of Mouse Guard, but thumbed through a copy at the local game store. I think I have even skimmed discussions of Sweet Agatha when it first hit the market. That has to be a personal best.

Thumbing through past years’ awardees and contenders, 2009 stands out because all the nominees are games or types of games, to include Jeepform. In the past, groups and individuals have received the award. That in itself stands out because other gaming awards are typically about the product, or maybe game designers. The Diana Jones award’s purview is broad enough to include people who do something meritorious for the gaming community or innovate a style of play. That’s pretty neat.

[Originally spotted on Robin Laws’ blog.]


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