Aeternal Legends Available for Free Download Over Gencon

Aeternal Legends, the modern fantasy roleplaying game by Stew Wilson, is currently available for free download and includes a link to a discounted POD copy from Says the press release from Mob United, in part:

Sometimes the chaos of real life mutes a small press RPG release. This was the case in August 2007 when we completed Æternal Legends, Stew Wilson’s modern fantasy RPG. We were both pretty damn busy with life and other projects, so we  didn’t have a chance to boost it as much as they wanted. Now, two years later, the situation’s changed – it’s time for a relaunch.

To kick things off, we’re offering a PDF of the core book for free via RPGNow. Furthermore, anyone who downloads the PDF will get an $11 print edition discount from by following a special link in the free PDF. This drops the core book’s print price from $26.95 to $15.95.

Æternal Legends is an RPG devoted to classic heroic fantasy, remixed for the modern age: a melange of hidden-world fantasy, postmodern occult metaphysics and an unabashed celebration — and reexamination — of high fantasy cliches. Magic seethes beneath everyday affairs. Turn a ways, and wander into a Pocket Kingdom where witches and alchemists sell their wares right under the noses of a mundane population. But one person in 20 is Aware, part of the secret lands of magic. Of those, a special few are Legends: epic heroes who fight evil with strength, cunning and raw idealism.

This offer only lasts through Gencon — i.e, next weekend — so get your orders in now and tell your friends. I have to confess that, despite being a fan of modern fantasy, as well as a reader of Stew’s blog and following Aeternal Legends‘ development and publication, buying a copy was something I always meant to get around to, but never made the time to do so. This special offer was the kick in the pants I needed.


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