I just heard about the new podcast Gameopolis through a convention acquaintance. It’s so new that hosts Jeff and Mark only have two episodes posted as of this writing. It sounds good, technically and they have some nice sound effects and music sprinkled in there. The episode I heard first, a play session report of Car Wars 5th Edition caught my attention because it’s one I’ve played and enjoyed greatly in the past.

Usually, I have a hard time with board game-oriented podcasts, because the topic is so visually oriented and I’m just sitting there listening to people talk about their favorite game. And often, I’m not familiar with the game up for discussion, so it becomes an even more abstract conversation for me. The nice thing about session reports as Gameopolis plans to provide is the players describing their thinking and choices often helps to clarify how the game plays and the kind of play it encourages.

Plus, Mark and Jeff get points for being New England gaming podcasters. New England is sorely underrepresented in tabletop gaming’s online communities, so I’m glad to welcome them to the podcasting scene.


2 thoughts on “Gameopolis

  1. Since you mention a love of New England Game Podcasts, I figured I would put you onto the D6Generation. You can find them on

    Co-hosts Craig, Raef, and Russ are a total scream, and have a fantastic chemistry that you really only find in a group of guys that have been gaming together for a long time.

    Each show starts with Rapid Fire, which is a ~5 minute segment that parodies the political talk show The Maclaughlin Group. A ficticious host Geekly MacNerdigan fires off rapid game-related questions to a group of panelists, and then repeatedly cuts-off their responses with an abrasive “WROOOOOONNNNNG!” After you listen to 3 or 4 of them, you realize that the Rapid Fire mini-segment is actually a veiled table-of-contents for the episode, and once I figured this out it actually became really fun to listen to Rapid Fire since I can try to puzzle out what show topic (that I have not yet heard) is inspiring this rapid query.

    Show topics seem to lean toward tactical games.

    I strongly recommend this podcast, and I would suggest listening to at least 3 or 4 of them as a starting sample. Like many shows with more-than-2 hosts, the first one or two listens were a little confusing until I learned Craig, Raef, and Russ’ voices well enough to tell them apart.

    Top notch podcast!

    • I’ve listened to the d6 Generation a couple times now — their Templecon ramp-up and Carnage post-mortem episodes, if I recall. It’s a really good show. I was impressed by how good a team of voices they are. The miniatures emphasis isn’t for me, but that doesn’t stop it being a very well done show.

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